Do-it-yourself aftershave: how to make it?

Do-it-yourself aftershave: how to make it?

A do-it-yourself aftershave? Making it at home, with just a few ingredients, is simple and cheap. But how to do it?

In the next lines we will try to understand how to make a beautiful one recipe for DIY aftershave. We invite you to make it: you will find that getting a good product that is easy to use is much more immediate than you might think!

DIY aftershave recipe ingredients

Having introduced the above, let's try to prepare some do-it-yourself aftershave. In particular, we will try to make a Soothing DIY aftershave, which can alleviate any discomfort deriving from shaving.

To do this, try to recover the aloe vera plant and ... that's it! We are sure that you will already have the rest at home: a knife and a teaspoon will in fact be the tools that you can use to finalize this recipe.

How to make your own aftershave

If you have an aloe vera plant at home, you have everything you need to be able to make a nice DIY aftershave.

The aloe vera gel that you can get from the leaves of this plant will allow you to have a really fundamental ingredient to be able to create this DIY aftershave. Moreover, to avoid having to cut a leaf every time you need to create some aftershave, you can simply freeze the pulp you don't use by placing it in an ice tray.

So, when you want to use the DIY aftershave, all you have to do is take an aloe vera ice cube and wipe it on the freshly shaved skin. Not bad, right?

A variant: rock alum

A DIY aftershave variant it is certainly made up ofrock alum. A product that you can commonly find in herbal shops and in some supermarkets, and that you can use - due to its excellent characteristics - for this purpose.

As we have already seen on the occasion of the aloe vera gel used as an aftershave, the use of rock alum as an aftershave will also be of immediate use: you can in fact moisten a little rock alum and then pass it on your face. The soothing result will not fail to manifest itself!

How to make a shaving cream

Perhaps, in addition to the DIY aftershave, it might be useful to enrich the range of male care products with a shaving cream to use first.

Also in this case we wanted to give you some practical indications by providing some very simple recipes to recreate at home. Let's see the main ones!

Shaving cream with Marseille soap

The first recipe we want to share is that of Marseille soap. Get about 60 - 70 grams, along with 2 tablespoons of olive oil and a few drops of mint essential oil.

Take the castile soap (of course, for the face!), Grate it and place it in a bowl, then add two tablespoons of olive oil. Then take a wooden cooking spoon and mix everything carefully, until you get a smooth and homogeneous paste, which you will perfect by adding one - two tablespoons of warm water, depending on your needs.

Once you have completed the process, add a dozen essential drops of peppermint oil. If you don't like the smell of mint, you can look for essential drops of other oil, such as lavender.

The shaving cream you don't use can be stored in a glass jar.

Shaving cream with oil and aloe vera

Here we come to another useful variant for making a good shaving cream. You should already know the ingredients: a little oil and aloe vera gel! The result will be a shaving cream that will guarantee you a smooth surface, which will allow the razor to flow more easily on the skin.

To do this, get:

  • 250 ml of oil, such as almond or coconut oil, or if you prefer plain olive oil;
  • 80 grams of a moisturizer such as aloe vera gel. You can also use another moisturizer, as happens with honey.


Then pour the oil and the moisturizing product you have chosen into a blender, and turn it on for a few minutes so that the ingredients of the cream can mix well. Your goal will be to get a soft, thick and creamy substance.

Of course, the recipe is freely customizable by introducing some other component. For example, you can try adding a few drops (about ten) of your favorite essential oil, such as mint or lavender oil, as well as a tablespoon of baking soda, in case your goal is to get a more creamy cream. dense.

Once you no longer need the shaving cream, you can easily store it in a dispenser bottle to store in a cool, dark place. In this way, you can prevent the oil from deteriorating, and reuse the amount you need for each shave without further waste.

Be careful though. The oils that we have had the opportunity to mention for these recipes, if they are not properly stored, can go rancid. And we're sure you don't want to have a spoiled product on your face!

Precisely for this reason we advise you to keep the shaving maker made in the event as far as possible from sources of light and heat. This way you can make sure it lasts as long as possible, extending the shelf life of the products you've made with these handy recipes.

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