How to stay fit with online courses

How to stay fit with online courses

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It's raining, we don't want to take the car, we don't have time to move ... there are a thousand excuses for not going to the gym, as well as a hundred valid reasons why we really, without a shadow of laziness, really can't make a leap. Since we are always with the mobile phone in hand, or alternatively, with our nose and fingers on the computer, we take this opportunity to understand how to stay fit with online courses. It is possible and it is also quite comfortable, it is a wonderful alternative that we can choose from every time we want to do physical activity even in our home but with a good guide to not waste energy and time or, worse still, harm ourselves with inappropriate movements.

How to stay fit with online courses

There are those who can think what to do with gymnastics at home is not the same and the results are not the same. Not so, on the contrary, it could also be the way to focus more on one's movements and less on socializing, we can always go out with friends at a different time, right?

In the gym there are several interesting and professional machines that we cannot always put at home, unless we have a palace with rooms dedicated only to fitness, and a wealth to invest in it. To stay in shape, however, you don't always need great devilish things and you can buy them simple and effective tools, comfortable to keep at home. They are also on offer online, starting from weights, up to the exercise bike or treadmill.

Because online courses are green

What changes if you go to the gym or not? From the environmental point of view, we can consider that we avoid moving, a movement that often takes place by car or scooter and which therefore translates into CO2 emissions. Our wallet changes all right because a gym membership can be really expensive nowadays.

Buying tools online too, it's true, but just don't overdo it and choose the right ones, also trying to regenerate the objects we have at home. Sometimes that's enough a step, a bottle, the table, to do exercises to stay fit. Plastic bottles filled with sand can be weights, for example, and by doing our best we can find several ideas to exploit our home environment for the benefit of our physical shape.

In America much more than in Italy, but we will arrive too, we no longer ask ourselves stay fit with online courses because it has become a widespread habit, no one questions its effectiveness.

Staying fit: the best online courses

The best formula for good physical shape is the one that involves variety. Just like in nutrition, also nphysical activity rewards the alternation of different elements so a bit of the gym, a bit of exercises at home, a bit of outdoor activities. If you think about it, it is also the most comfortable choice, operationally, because in this way we can not condition physical activity with the possibility of Go to the gym but remain free to organize the day as we prefer, knowing that there is still the possibility to do our dose of daily fitness.

Now let's find out how to orient ourselves among the many online courses to stay fit. With the explosion of the tutorials, even the videos that suggest gymnastic and toning exercises have multiplied and it is necessary to select, given that on the video sharing platforms there is certainly no one who goes to check the effectiveness of the "gymnastic content" ".

Let's start with what we can find on Youtube. The channel Passion4Profession speaks Italian and offers various animated videos with precise descriptions and technical data sheets. The peculiarity lies in the fact that these are exercises to train every single muscle in the body, so you can choose them in a targeted and conscious way.

For those who speak English the channel is highly recommended ACE Fitness. ACE is the acronym for American Council of Exercises. The videos published are dedicated to aspiring instructors but can be used freely by everyone, so we can have access to explanations of specific workouts for each category complete with motivating music.

Speaking of music, if we can't do without it when we train, to keep the pace and motivation, let's rely on BeatScanner. This program puts our heart in tune, its beats, with all the songs selected by the computer, offering us a perfect playlist to stay in shape without noticing too much fatigue.

Another method to stay motivated can be that of sociability. Yes, the idea of ​​sharing one's own results and participating in those of others thanks to Fitocracy which, through social networks, allows you to make friends with other users, follow them and motivate them. Those with a bit of a competitive spirit can also participate in a game related to training.

One last great support for learning how to stay fit with online courses is 7 Minute Workout, a site where you can find a program full of exercises that can be done at home without the need to buy tools. The wall, the furniture, objects and a little bodyweight training can guarantee us a good fitness program that requires only 7 minutes a day, but every day.

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