How much wine can you drink

How much wine can you drink

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Wine for many is one of the pleasures of life, in Italy, then, you can find so many varieties of high quality that it is difficult to ban it from our tables, even for a subtly cultural aspect. The fact is that nobody wants to do it, at least here, but simply to identify what is the right measure, the one that indicates the balance between pleasure and health, the one that allows us to enjoy wine, to savor it thoroughly, in a carefree way. because we know we are not breaking any rules. Once we know how much wine can you drink, we can be sure that we will not gain weight for this reason and neither will we have any health problems.

How much wine can you drink for men and women

General, average indications are given that are different for men and women, essentially due to the fact that they have different builds. A healthy man with a medium to stout build can drink up to two glasses a day, woman one. These quantities must be taken with a grain of salt because there are many factors that can influence them such as weight and metabolism but also age.

Many worry about the amount of wine they ingest because of the fear of gaining a few pounds, the mind should instead run to far more serious and urgent health problems such as cancer. It is not a strategic threat to scare us, there are supporting scientific data, published by the Mario Negri Pharmacological Institute in Milan. Analyzing the link between excessive alcohol consumption and the onset of cancer it emerged that if you stay within 2 glasses a day, the risk percentages of most cancers do not increase while beyond three glasses the situation changes and wine begins to affect our health, at least potentially. There is a percentage increase in risk of 20-30%.

How much wine can you drink: tips

How much wine you can drink depends not only on our body but also on our lifestyle and from our habits, because wine can only be one of the many we have but it is the set of our behaviors that determine our overall physical state. So let's try to adopt some that ensure that the wine we drink, with taste and desire, does not hurt us.

To make it clear that it is not ours intention to demonize the wine, moderation and softness is recommended. Nobody says we have to measure the milliliter. let's stick to the rules but without being too rigid, if we go out for dinner we can also drink an extra glass, the important thing is that the next day we don't repeat the experience and don't make it become a daily habit. Too much stiffness creates a feeling of frustration that can lead us to disobey at any moment of weakness. The right amount of wine even supplements our diet with the polyphenols that protect the cardio circulatory system. The richest in benefits, for women, would be red wine because contains phytoestrogens which contribute to the reduction of menopausal hot flashes.

Moderation must be balanced with discipline: we must have in mind that the general line must be not to overdo it. No to military deprivation but balance in consuming alcoholic beverages always paying attention to why we do it, so that they do not become a way to relieve stress or drown sadness but always remain a pleasant gift we give to ourselves, better if sipped in company.

Once we have found the measure, our measure, we try to adopt a lifestyle 360 degrees healthy so that the wine cannot crack it. Let's start with physical activity, do it every day, at least thirty minutes, just a walk. To convince you, keep in mind that it takes just 30-40 minutes to dispose of a glass of wine, if moderate, but if we swim or run, even much less. Surprising but do yoga it's a great way to dispose of wine and other spirits.

If our fear is to gain weight, we try not to be tempted by overtime snacks, traitors. Just this nibble on something when you feel the slightest peckish day after day contributes to our losing shape and often makes us go wrong even with alcohol, be it wine or beer. We only eat at the table, we respect the times, rather planning a snack in the morning, but we don't get messy. This is true both for the diet and also strictly for what concerns the alcohol consumption. It can happen in fun evenings to find yourself mixing beer, wine and spirits. In confusion, it is possible, indeed easier, to lose control. We try to refer to the numbers, those of the threshold measured through the alcohol unit, equal to about 12 grams of ethanol.

To get an idea, a glass of wine 125 ml corresponds to an alcoholic unit if it has 11 degrees, if it has 13 degrees it becomes 1.1. In beer, the equivalent is that of a 330 ml can of beer, a 75ml glass as an aperitif, a 40 ml glass in grappa. Every day we should never exceed 2-3 alcohol units for men and 1-2 alcohol units for women.

Beyond wine, a great danger to our health, linked to alcohol, is represented by cocktail, especially for the young range. They are colorful, fruity, often sweet and to be consumed in company, nibbling on chips, olives and pizzas. We do not notice anything and we find ourselves drinking two or three in a single evening, all very full of spirits that mixed with other flavors hide their intensity. However, it should be clarified that not all cocktails are the same, it is better to opt for a spritz or a glass of white wine avoiding cream liqueurs.

Why drink wine in moderation

All these recommendations are not just not to get fat from wine, which is feared by many, but in general to feel good.

Let us address the issue immediately, however, in order to remove any concern. One gram of alcohol provides 7 calories. Little? Much? Consider that a gram of sugars and proteins provide 4 while a gram of fat 9. If we look at the numbers, so, without a context, it is not possible to explain why wine should make us fat more than some foods. It is therefore necessary to specify what happens in our body. Alcohol has a slowing effect on the metabolism and in particular theassimilation of sugar, this leads us to accumulate excess calories more easily without disposing of them. The calories from alcohol, moreover, are used first by the body that prefers them to those coming from carbohydrates, lipids and proteins.

Drink moderately, therefore, paying attention especially when we are on vacation because it is perhaps the time when we lower our defenses and it can happen that we fail. This depends a lot on us, there are also those who drink more in winter because they are stressed by work or involved in so many dinners and business aperitifs that tempt them with wine glasses, cocktails and aperitifs.

A tip that is valid all year round is to slow down, in life and also when drinking wine. If it is good, which I hope, we can enjoy it more, and never fasting. This helps us to better absorb the alcohol and let the oxidizing enzymes act which break it down for the benefit of our health.

When we drink a little, even if to the recommended extent, we always take into account that our attention falls, so we pay attention to driving. Better to avoid it altogether, or else avoid drinking before driving. There are thresholds defined by law, but we are the first to understand if we are able, if we have the quick reflexes even if we have a alcohol level less than the allowed threshold. As for health, however, beware of the danger of dehydration. While it doesn't seem like it, most alcoholic beverages don't have a thirst-quenching effect.

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