How to clean shutters effortlessly

How to clean shutters effortlessly

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How to clean the blinds: from aluminum to wooden ones, useful tips and products to use. Solutions for sun-washed shutters.

Cleaning the shutters is a rather unpleasant housework but it requires perseverance if we are concerned with their longevity.

An aspect that should not be underestimated is the material from which the shutters are made. Not all of them can be cleaned with the same product!

When I read the hasty advice of many blogs that dismiss cleaning with "wash with vinegar", "use baking soda", I realize that the web is flooded with inexperienced people.

If you type "how to clean shutters" you should know that there is no universal product for any type of shutter.

Are we talking about aluminum shutters or wooden shutters? Are they classic Venetian blinds or PVC shutters? Each type of material must be treated differently, therefore you need the right detergent for that specific shutter.

Those who love natural products and have shiny shutters can say goodbye to stubborn dirt in a simple and economical way. Here are some tricks and the most effective DIY remedies to have shutters always clean and shiny.

How to clean shutters thoroughly

I certainly don't like cleaning the shutters but I can't stand seeing them dirty. And what to say about the slots in the shutters; a real den of dirt!

Another thing hateful? They have an external and an internal facade! Cleaning them on both sides could take a lot of effort, especially if it is a stained glass window or a window where it is not possible to have access from the outside. This is why the exterior facade is rarely cleaned. The solution is there! Just follow my tips.

PVC shutters

If you have access to the outside, you will not have great difficulty cleaning the shutter. Let's see how to proceed to clean the external shutters:

  1. Lower the shutter completely. They must be washed first on the outside then on the inside. So you will need a person at home to help you raise and lower the shutters if necessary.
  2. Start by removing the dust. Do not use the water immediately to prevent a sort of mush from forming
  3. With a broom, remove all the dust on the surface then open the shutters just enough to open only the cracks
  4. Remove any dirt between the cracks with the broom bristles
  5. Take a basin with water and dish soap and with a sponge lather the entire surface making sure to remove the dirt. If the encrustations do not go away, use a toothbrush soaked in cola or tomato juice (two very acidic ingredients) without rubbing too much otherwise you risk making some scratches.
  6. Proceed in this way until the shutter is perfectly clean, changing the water several times. The last rinse is done with distilled water without adding any detergent.
  7. Dry thoroughly. This operation is essential! If you do not dry well, you risk that the roller shutter will get dirty more quickly.

Once this is done, you can proceed to cleaning the internal shutters. In this case, only hot water will suffice. No need to add detergent. Water will be enough. Again you will have to dry thoroughly!

Clean the PVC shutter outside the box

A practical and convenient solution for cleaning PVC shutters is to remove them from the box. No fear, now I'll explain how to proceed!

Removal of the cover of the box

Take a ladder and remove the cover of the box, which is the wooden structure that covers the housing where the shutter wraps itself

There are two types of bins; the one with self-tapping screws and the one with sliding joint.

If it has screws, just unscrew them, making sure to start with those on the lower long side first. If there is no locking screw, it is a sliding lid.

In this case, just remove it by sliding it upwards and pressing at the same time. When you feel it touch in the upper bar, you will need to take it out towards you.

Warning: do not position yourself with the ladder close to the window, otherwise during the operation you will be forced to move back with the lid in your hands (risking losing your balance).

This operation, albeit trivial, may require some effort because many painters have the bad habit of whitewashing the entire wall without having first removed the box!

Removal of the PVC shutter

Once the cover has been removed, you can proceed to remove the shutter:

  1. Remove the straps (also called straps) that keep the sheet locked to its roller. There are different types of hooks, it depends on whether the roller is made of hollow steel or solid wood, such as the slightly dated ones
  2. At this point, unhook the roller shutter from the roller and remove the entire fabric
  3. open the windows so that you can place the roller shutter that you will gradually have to roll up
  4. Start rolling a portion of about 40 cm of shutter, having the help of a person who lifts the sheet from the bottom up.
  5. With the part of the shutter that you have just recovered, it begins to create the roll, turning it on itself while those who help you lighten you from the bottom of its weight.
  6. Once this is done, he continues to remove the rest of the shutter, placing it on the two open windows.
  7. Very carefully, bring the roller shutter down
  8. Take advantage of the fact that you have removed the shutter to also clean the compartment in which it wraps. Usually a lot of dust accumulates inside it and maybe even insects such as spiders. Do not neglect the frame, the glass and the roller shutter of the windows.
  9. Now you can clean the roller shutter comfortably, just unroll it on the floor.

Detergent for cleaning PVC shutters

To clean plastic shutters, just use a sponge soaked in soap and rub on the surfaces. If they are particularly dirty and it is difficult to remove the dirt, use a degreaser or dish detergent.

Use a sponge and a brush to remove dirt from the cracks then rinse and dry the entire surface thoroughly.

Aluminum shutters

To wash the aluminum shutters, you can use a do-it-yourself remedy, based on water and ammonia; 10 ml in a liter of water. Avoid harsh chemicals like bleach or the like.

Maybe for other surfaces they are very useful and effective, but in this case they can destroy aluminum without you realizing it.

Wooden shutters

To clean wooden shutters, you can use a parquet cleaning product.

Sun-washed shutters

Besides being very dirty, are your shutters faded by the sun? No problem, I have the solution for you too!

Of course this is a product that you will have to buy but I assure you that it is worth it. I used it to restore the color of the shutters in my mom's house and I must say that the result is remarkable.

The only drawback is that with a single package you can only make 4 external side shutters.

If you want more info on the product, I refer you to the official Amazon page: Renew windows

How to keep exterior shutters clean

After washing and drying the shutters, spray them with a little spray wax. In this way, smog and dirt slip away and the shutters will stay clean for a long time.

Electrical maintenance of the shutter

The hinges and strips that hold up an aluminum shutter should be checked periodically (once a year, especially if it is subjected to salt or ground). It is a good rule to make sure that the hinges and straps are greased sufficiently.

Electric drives work efficiently for many years if they are serviced by an expert.

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