Winter garden tunnel

Winter garden tunnel

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Set up i vegetable garden tunnel it is a demanding job, but it is necessary if you want to guarantee a winter production of fresh vegetables (fennel, lettuce, radicchio, radish, escarole…). However, the amount of work depends on the result to be obtained and on the size of the vegetable garden tunnel.

If it is a home garden and you do not need a winter greenhouse (which is another thing) it may not be enough. In the rest of this article you will find the simple instructions on how to build mini tunnels for vegetable gardens or buy ready-to-assemble ones by investing a few euros.

Winter garden tunnel: how to set up one

The framework of ours vegetable garden tunnel it is made up of arch supports. Anodized aluminum is fine, but you can use recycled objects. The length is to be determined according to whether you want to cover several flower beds or just one. The taller the tunnels are, the more difficult they are to build and manage. They are talking about tunnels to repair rows of vegetables, not greenhouses!

For the cover we use polyethylene sheets with a thickness of 0.15 mm. To attach them to the arches we use simple clips. It is important that the vegetable garden tunnel are solid, that the ends of the arches are deeply anchored in the ground. To resist the wind, the ends of the plastic sheet must also be buried.

On the sides we can provide roll-up systems for the cloth (even simply with string and rubber bands) so that the rows of vegetables can be ventilated on sunny days at the end of winter. All of these materials are quite easily found in gardening and agricultural supply stores. You can also buy kits complete with everything you need, even easier to find online and have them shipped directly to your home:

Here find a mini tunnel kit (3 meters long) at a great price: mini tunnel for vegetable garden

Here find another vegetable garden tunnel a little wider (3 meters long x 45 cm wide x 30 high), suitable for larger vegetables.

The product is guaranteed by Verdelook® quality, ideal for having the desired conditions in order to improve the growth of your plants and flowers in every season, protecting them from the cold (even for temperatures below zero) and from the wind.

The sheet is resistant to all atmospheric agents and is also treated with anti-UV rays. The structure includes steel tubes painted and lacquered with "epoxy powders" in green color with a diameter of 1.7 cm. Assembly is very simple thanks to the illustrated instructions included in the package.

Here is a photo of the assembled garden tunnel ...

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