Itchy armpits: causes and remedies for this widespread discomfort

Itchy armpits: causes and remedies for this widespread discomfort

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The itchy armpits it is a rather widespread condition which, with its annoyance, is able to generate much more than a few bad moods in those who suffer from it.

Fortunately, however, most of the time the itchy armpits it is a completely passing phenomenon, which disappears in a short time - exactly as it appeared!

Other times, however, this discomfort turns into a constant condition, with which it is difficult to live with: redness, swelling, pain and the inalienable temptation to scratch are just some of the main symptoms of this scenario, which in the worst cases can even lead to injuries. more or less serious.

In short, if the itch is temporary and lasts a few hours or - at most - a few days, and the sensation is not excessively pressing, the phenomenon can be ignored. If, on the other hand, the condition is very frequent, tends to recur or is so significant as to affect the normal performance of daily activities, it is certainly necessary to consult your doctor.

But what are the main ones causes of itchy armpits? And how can it be remedied?

To find out more, we recommend that you read further. If, on the other hand, you want to know why we sometimes suffer from itchy hands, we remind you that we have talked about this feature in another study that we invite you to consult!

Causes of itchy armpits

Let's go in order: the itchy armpits it is mainly determined by allergic reactions, or by irritating responses of our body to the application of external allergens: the most common hypothesis is the topical application on the armpits of a detergent / deodorant that contains one or more "unwelcome" ingredients.

Sometimes itchy armpits are favored by poor hygiene. On the other hand, we are talking about a "particular" area of ​​our body, rich in bacteria that feed on themselves following sweat. In this case, it is sufficient to wash this area daily with special detergents to reduce the possibility that bacteria can proliferate vigorously.

Among the other common conditions of causes of itchy armpits we find dermatitis and other skin infections. In this case, the determinant is easily recognized by the fact that the area will appear inflamed, accompanied by redness and lesions. The causes of dermatitis are so varied that, obviously, we can only advise you to clarify them with your dermatologist of reference. However, the use of detergents, perfumes and antibiotics could be the main triggers.

In a minority of hypotheses, however, itching in the armpits is caused by more serious pathological conditions of the skin, by insect bites or by psychological problems.

Remedies for itchy armpits

Having clarified the foregoing, we can only try to understand what the best remedies for itchy armpits, in order to permanently abandon this annoying condition.

As we have already had the opportunity to anticipate, the most important "cure" for itching in the underarm area is of course represented by respecting a daily routine hygiene. It is therefore advisable to wash your armpits at least once a day in order to eliminate the most common cause: sweat. In doing this, help yourself with the use of natural cleansers, which can respect the pH of your skin and which are specially designed for this part of your body.

If the problem is not hygiene, you can try taking a look at all the products you usually apply under the armpits. Try for example a change deodorant and detergent, avoiding using them for a few days: if the fault is "them" (because maybe they are particularly aggressive, they clog the pores and have ingredients to which you are particularly sensitive), in a few days you should finally find the best well-being. It can also be useful to change the type of clothing, avoiding shirts that are not made of cotton.

If despite these attempts the problem does not go away, and you are taking gods medications, consult your doctor. Of course, we do not recommend that you stop taking these medicines, but only share this unwelcome effect with your healthcare specialist: your doctor may tell you to change your medication or, possibly, prescribe products that may contain itching.

And what if not even these interventions were able to solve your discomfort?

If the change of habits and cleansing products was not enough, and if not even the use of specific creams against rashes was useful in order to feel relief, you can evaluate with your doctor the possibility of undergoing phototherapy. or even to a surgical intervention.

Of course, these latter paths are pursued exclusively for the most serious cases while, fortunately, in most cases it is sufficient to apply the ideas we have chosen to share above in order to find the well-deserved well-being, definitively removing this widespread annoyance.