Where polystyrene is thrown away

Where polystyrene is thrown away

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Where polystyrene is thrown away: instructions on how to do the separate collection of polystyrene and where to throw this material. Composition and tips for living in a healthy environment.

Polystyrene has very ancient roots, its original compound was invented in 1839 by Eduard Simon, a Berlin pharmacist. The first polystyrene produced in history was of vegetable origin. The starting substance, called "styrene" was extracted from the resin of the rubber tree (Liquidambar styracifua). From this resin, the Berlin pharmacist distilled an oily compound which I call styrene. Only in 1866, a chemist of the time, exploiting styrene reached its polymerization which 80 years later led to the discovery of the current polystyrene!

Today the production of polystyrene sees dramatic data: the starting materials are hydrocarbons that have a potential impact on global warming of about 1000 - 1300 times greater than that of carbon dioxide.

What is polystyrene made of?

Thepolystyrene(or polystyrene) is produced starting from ethylbenzene, an aromatic organic compound present, in small quantities, in crude oil. The ethylbenzene used to make polystyrene, however, is not extracted from crude oil but is in turn produced by a chemical reaction between benzene (a hydrocarbon) and ethylene (highly flammable and by inhalation causes nausea, dizziness and unconsciousness) .

In 1999, more than 24 million tons of ethylbenzene were produced, most of it destined for the production ofpolystyrene. Today consumption has increased and after several decades, the production of polystyrene has skyrocketed. Consequently, polystyrene waste also increases.

Performing careful separate collection helps, as far as possible, to mitigate the crowding of waste in landfills. To wonderwhere the polystyrene is thrownis the first step todo the right things.

Chemical structure: formula and name iupac

In chemical terms, thepolystyreneit's ahydrocarbonlong chain in which some carbonaceous centers are linked to phenyl groups. The chemical formula of polystyrene is: (C8 H.8 ) n. Its iupac name: Poly (1-phenyletene).

Where is polystyrene thrown away (polystyrene)

The polystyrene is thrown into the "plastic". In general, Italian administrations ask for plastic waste to be delivered in a translucent or semi-transparent bag.

We have a lot of polystyrol waste at home. Polystyrene is in fact used as packaging for household appliances and electronics, packaging for products of any nature, as a container for food and its pressurized form is often used to make jars for ice cream or yogurt.

Environmental precautions

Can polystyrene be thrown into the fireplace or into a pellet stove?
Absolutely not! This conduct would put your health at risk as well as pollute the environment. No plastic material should be ignited.

The polystyrene (or polystyrene) is a polymer of styrene, an aromatic hydrocarbon. Thepolystyrene is toxic and flammable.

Thepolystyrene is not biodegradable, resists degradation and photooxidation. A waste thrown into the environment, which is not part of the controlled supply chain ofrecyclingit can stand intact for hundreds of years.

Another important environmental implication concerns the fauna. Unfortunately, animals do not recognize polystyrene as an artificial material and end up ingesting it. Marine fauna (but also various terrestrial animals and avifauna) is at risk because the ingestion of polystyrene has serious effects on the health of birds and marine animals.

Many environmental organizations are doing everything possible to reduce the production of polystyrene and other plastics. In Italy the road is still long. In 2015, the sale or possession of single-use polystyrene items was banned in New York, unfortunately the manufacturing companies appealed, annulling the initial decision, but several restrictions on the use of polystyrene are still in place.

A stricter measure was launched in San Francisco in 2017 where the Department of the Environment allows the use of polystyrene only for the shipment of medicines that need to be stored at low temperatures. As of March 2019, Maryland has banned styrofoam food containers.

Recycle polystyrene

In many areas of the globe, polystyrene ends up in incinerators. Fortunately, there are several recovery and recycling plans in Europe, which is why we can throw polystyrene into plastic.

The country that has been most efficient in the collection and recycling of polystyrene is the United Kingdom where, as of 2016, around 100 tons of ESP polystyrene are recycled on a monthly basis!

Note: how to recycle polystyrene

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