How to grow a beard

How to grow a beard

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How to grow a beard: tips to grow a full beard in a short time. Tips and tricks for "tidying" your beard as it grows.

How to grow a beard? With lots of patience, good hydration and proper nutrition. These are the three main factors forgrow a beardhealthy and thick.

Who has the chance, for grow a beard in an orderly manner, he could use a barber but only when the beard has passed its "critical period". It is common belief to think that beard hair grows at the same rate as hair ... very wrong! The speed of beard growth depends on both nutritional, hormonal and environmental factors.

How to grow a beard quickly

How to grow a beard quickly, here is one of the questions any impatient man will come to ask himself! The problem is impatience. The beard has its own growth times. Facial hair looks like it grows fast when a man intends to shave every day… whereas when a man wants it to grow, it goes slowly! Here, this is called "perspective perception".

There is nothing you can do to grow a beard quickly!
You can try with supplements or with some dietary precautions, however, the "facial hair" grows following their course.

In the initial stage of thebeard growth, the hairs may cause you a little discomfort and itch. Generally this is completely normal: it is a matter of habit! After the critical point, you will be able to coexist perfectly with your full beard and save a lot of time for daily shaving!

How long does it take to grow a beard and get used to it?
It all depends on the length you intend to achieve. On average, we talk about 4 weeks, also adding the time to adapt to the beard.

Sometimes a beard can be annoying. This depends on the type of hair (when it is bristly and can often itch during the early stages of growth) and the sensitivity of the skin. This is why the first four weeks of beard growth can be considered as a "critical period".

Only once the first four weeks have elapsed will you have the opportunity to go to the barber or arrange for yourself.shape your beardand create the "hairstyle" you prefer.

If the beard does not grow evenly

After the first month, you will also have enough "hair" to understand how thick your beard is. Sometimes the beard does not grow evenly over the entire face. In extreme cases we speak of alopecia of the beard. If the affected area is small, it can be compensated by growing the hair just above the point affected by the lack of beard. A good barber can give you the right advice to remedy the problem ofbeard that does not grow evenly.

Therethinning beardit could be the consequence of hormonal imbalances. Testosterone and dihydrotestoster (DHT) are two hormones responsible for the growth of your beard. It will surprise you to know that beard hair follicles form when you are a 5 month fetus. Then, with puberty, your body will start producing the hormones that will trigger hair growth. It is from this moment on that you will be able to grow a full and healthy beard.

How to grow a beard

During the first four weeks, there is a guaranteed rule: the less you think about it, the better! It is trivial but at this stage you can't do anything about it. You just have to respect the growth rate set by your body. You should not "cut" or try to "shape the beard" as you would not be able to see it in its entirety.

What you can do forhave a full and healthy beardis ... limiting the use of facial cleansers and ensuring a proper diet.

Does your diet get you enough protein? Know that your nails, hair, and hair are made up of proteins. Low iron levels can also negatively affect your beard. Vitamin C helps your body absorb iron.

Omega-3 fatty acids help keep beard and hair well hydrated. Omega-3s are found in salmon, sardines and some nuts. Taking vitamin A will help your glands produce sebum. The sebum works as a kind of natural conditioner, in the right amount it will make your beard less bristly.

If you have a thin, brittle beard with fine hair, you may want to take B vitamins. As you can guess, a balanced diet is the key to having athick and healthy beardand to grow a beard quickly (within the physiological limits of your body!).

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