Feeding dogs in the summer: tips and opinions

Feeding dogs in the summer: tips and opinions

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In the summer we all suffer from the heat, including dogs, and how we are careful about what we eat, or at least we should, to suffer less, too. feeding dogs in summer it can be modified so that they can always stay hydrated and not risk sickness.

There is also the fact that dogs often feel less hungry in the summer and tend to eat less, but it is important that they remain full of energy. We cannot therefore ignore it and continue to serve in the bowl the same things with the same portions, on the one hand, but we must also be very careful not to make too many variations because they are not always appreciated and the body has to get used to it.

In dealing with the heat, with one Proper nutritionIt is also important to reconsider the times because our animal will tend to eat less at lunch and more in the morning and in the evening, when it is cooler. In general, however, it is never correct to concentrate large quantities of food in a few meals, better to propose many during the day because most dogs do not have much ability to regulate themselves and would end up gorging themselves and not digesting. Better not to overload your stomach, in summer more than ever, and dictate the time and quantities.

Feeding dogs in the summer: tips

What we need to pay more attention to when choosing feeding dogs in summer, is the level of hydration that we need to ensure. There are several precautions to be taken into account so that the dog is not in pain. First of all the bowl in which he drinks: it must always be full, and not with hot water but not even with cold water, the liquid must only be fresh. As with humans, dogs can also happen that by drinking water at too low a temperature, they create gods gastrointestinal problems, especially if, because of his great thirst, he drinks in a hurry.

To avoid running out of water when we are away from home, we can, during the summer, give him two bowls to drink in instead of one. The water can run out or it can spill and the dog would have to endure hours and hours in the heat without the slightest hydration.

Even if we go out with our dog we have to worry about that always have water, as needed. We cannot hope that our path is full of drinking fountains so let's bring a bottle and a bowl.

This is essential if we take it to the beach or to do long walks but don't underestimate the heat in the city. A small round of the block with asphalt that has stored heat can be very heavy.

To keep a good degree of hydration, it can also be used to turn on moist foods, even if we are used to using croquettes. We do not change the diet suddenly but we can try to introduce them alternating, in order to provide more water even during meals. Another trick is that of natural yogurt which can be added to food. Be careful not to use sugar or flavored products, we choose yoghurt that is lower in sugar and without particular flavors because the dog must recognize the ones he is used to. This new summer ingredient is very rich in calcium and is also good for the intestine and intestinal flora, strengthens the immune system and regenerates the stomach walls.

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Feeding dogs in the summer: opinions

There are those who believe that changing the eating habits constitutes a big problem so it continues with the same pattern for all months of the year. It is true that we must not upset the diet of dogs in the summer but also not taking the correct anti-heat precautions is a mistake.

For do not cause annoyance to the animal, it is necessary to introduce the changes little by little to choose the right ones so that the dog is neither debilitated nor burdened. We do not overdo the quantities and distribute the doses differently so that in the hottest hours of the day the bowl is not too full while in the morning and in the evening yes. On average, however, the dog will eat less, so we must try to choose foods as nutritious as possible.

As for dehydration, we have already seen how we can avoid the risk, better not experiment with other solutions because they could create discomfort. In fact, there are those who, taking a cue from the human diet, give dogs fruit and vegetables. It is not forbidden, or rather, it is only in some cases because there are fruits and vegetables that dogs cannot ingest while for others, there are no problems. In general, however, they cannot be the solution because fruits and vegetables must represent a maximum of 5% of an animal's diet. Among the recommended fruits, there are watermelon and melon, excellent for the prevention of dehydration.

Feeding dogs in summer and health

If we make some mistake, unintentionally, the dog could have health problems related to summer feeding. Too much fruit and too many vegetables, for example, can cause episodes of diarrhea. Water that is too cold could have a similar effect, especially if drunk with too much enthusiasm. Furthermore, if we have chosen to experiment with wet food, remember not to leave it too long in the bowl because it could create stomach problems and retching.

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