Milan declares the climate and environmental emergency

Milan declares the climate and environmental emergency

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Italy is also beginning to take its first steps towards the official recognition of a now undeniable reality, that of Climate Change.

Last May 20 during the City Council, Milan has declared a climate and environmental emergency. A date that can be defined as historic.

Not only Milan

Before the Lombard capital, on 29 April 2019, another Italian municipality also proclaimed the emergency in progress. This is the locality of Acres, In Calabria. The formalization took place with a motion approved on April 29 unanimously. At the basis of the Acre initiative, the first global climate strike held on March 15 and recalled from the first lines of the act. As commented by the group Fridays for Future local, with this document the Calabrian municipality has recognized the fight against climate change a leading role within its political-administrative agenda. In the resolution, the Municipality also committed to abide by the directives present in theParis Agreement, especially as regards investments aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The two Italian initiatives follow in the wake of similar European measures. To be exact, in chronological order, the formalization by the UKwhich also took place in April 2019, followed a few days later by that ofIreland. With its stance, the British Parliament has become the first institutional body to recognize the climate and environmental emergency, potentially paving the way for a wave of action from governments around the world. And apparently the results are not long in showing themselves.

The push of the Fridays for Future movement in Milan

The Milanese decision also comes from the impulse of the activists of Fridays for Future. On May 17, through a document, the young environmentalists addressed a specific request to the Municipality, namely: "declare a state of climatic and environmental emergency; make every effort to contain the global temperature rise to within 1.5 degrees and set a target of zero net greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, considering the zero emissions target in 2050 to be inconsistent with the state of emergency climatic; consider the fight against climate change and the transition to a sustainable economy as a top priority for the next ten years.

The document led to the writing of a motion to declare the climate and environmental emergency, presented by the director of the Pd Carlo Monguzzi. The motion was approved with 30 votes in favor against 6 against.

The second global climate strike

Meanwhile Milan, like dozens of other cities in the world, also hosted the second global climate strike. The event was held on Friday 24 May with an excellent participation. Among the most popular slogans for the occasion: "Don't burn our future”, “You broke our lungs”, “I'm drowning in plastic" or again "I would like to breathe clean air but your interests suffocate me”.

After touching several key points of the Lombard capital, including Piazza Duca D’Aosta and Corso Venezia, the green wave reached the skyscrapers of Porta Nuova and then moved to Lombardy Palace, seat of the Region. A non-random choice. A symbolic closure deliberately planned under an institution to emphasize that the voice of the activists of Fridays for Future it is aimed precisely at those who govern. With a very specific goal: to obtain concrete answers to guarantee a better future worthy of the name for planet Earth.

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